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The most important museums of Malaga

The city of Malaga has some variety of museums that we will discuss below; very useful if you plan to travel to Malaga sometime in the year and make a cultural visit to the centre of Malaga, a good and worthwhile idea in our opinion. There are more museums in Malaga city but we have chosen the following as the most important.

Transfers to Malaga centre

Transfers to Malaga centreWith our private transfers from Malaga airport you can reach the centre of Malaga in a safe and comfortable way. You also have at your disposal buses and trains with stops in the Alameda Principal, a few metres from the centre of Malaga.

Picasso Museum Malaga

Picasso Museum MalagaIt is the most known and famous museum in Malaga due to the relevance in the art world of the painter Pablo Picasso born in Malaga. The works of drawings, paintings and ceramics shown in the gallery are of great variety with more than two hundred eighty pieces attempting to show the most revolutionary innovations of the artist, as well as some of his creations. At different times of the year, the MPM exhibits new temporary exhibitions or conducts various workshops and activities.

Address: Palacio de Buenavista San Agustin, 8 – Malaga city centre
Phone: (34) 902 44 33 77

Foundation Museum Birthplace Picasso

If after visiting the Picasso Museum in Malaga you want to continue studying and knowing more about the art of Picasso, you have the opportunity to further deepen with many other pieces in his birthplace situated next to Plaza de la Merced.

Address: Plaza de la Merced, 15 – Malaga city centre
Phone: (34) 951 92 60 60

Museum Carmen Thyssen Malaga

Museum Carmen Thyssen MalagaIn 2011 a new museum was opened in the centre of Malaga called Carmen Thyssen Museum with a permanent collection that far exceeds 200 works of art and other exhibitions which are not simply added on but show high quality pieces. All paintings come directly from the collection of Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza and in the museum can be seen excellent art works of Francisco de Goya, Picasso and many Andalusian painters of the nineteenth century.

Address: Calle Compañia 10 – Malaga city centre
Phone: (+34) 902 303 131

CAC Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga

CAC Contemporary Art Centre of MalagaThe Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga is the most innovative museum in the province. Here are always shown temporary exhibitions and generally of modern artists exhibiting more daring works. These expositions usually don´t leave visitors indifferent. Sometimes exposures may address a specific topic, in protest, on social issues, even political. In general, within the halls of the CAC Malaga you have access to original exhibitions that are renewed with new proposals every few months.

Address: Calle Alemania – Near the mouth of the River Guadalmedina.
Phone: (34) 952 12 00 55

Aula del Mar. Museum Alborania

The museum Aula del Mar Alborania proposes changing paintings for works created by nature, namely the marine world. Inside the enclosure you will find all kinds of marine animals, different kinds of marine life, and you'll see an abundance of fossils. A museum that will appeal especially to the younger ones thanks to the offered educational activities. The museum is located in the beautiful Pier Two and it seems natural to take advantage to go for a nice walk in the port of Malaga.

Address: Pier 2 – Port of Malaga
Phone: (34) 951 600 108 / (34) 952 229 287

Automobile Museum Malaga

Automobile Museum MalagaAnother completely different approach than usual is the Automobile Museum Malaga where artworks are replaced by real gems of the Motor World. The variety of vehicles is broad enough to appeal to any car lover since in this collection you can find cars of the 20s and the 30s, the most impressive American cars of the 60s, modern, futuristic or aesthetically advanced vehicles and the best known English cars, among many other examples.

Address: Avenida Sor Teresa Prat 15 – Building Tabacalera
Phone: (34) 951 13 70 01

Other Museums

You can also visit other less famous but not less interesting Museums, such as the Interactive Museum of Music, the Municipal Heritage Museum, the Bullfighting Museum of the Bullring and the Museum of Popular Arts.

We also find it very interesting to visit during your stroll some of the monuments of Malaga also located in the centre of Malaga.