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Gardens and Parks in Malaga city

Gardens and Parks in Malaga cityMalaga has some green areas that are worth a visit, for both nature lovers and tourists seeking to discover the most important places in their travel destination. Malaga has more parks and gardens but we have selected the following as the ones which are most worth a visit.

Botanical Garden La Concepcion

The union of several farms resulted in the Botanical Garden of La Concepcion in 1855. In La Concepcion have been cultivated some of the most exotic species from around the world brought by expert gardeners. It was increasing its collection, so much that the Botanical Garden began to attract attention in Europe.

Botanical Garden La Concepcion

Its immense enclosure hosts nature alive with a varied number of species of birds, among other animals. During the tour you will see some really beautiful places such as the area of Casa Palacio, the Oriental Temple, the iron bridge, the Museum area or the lovely viewpoint of la Concepcion. It´s not to be missed and we believe it is a must for those traveling to Malaga.

Paseo del Parque

Paseo del Parque Park

With more than 100 years since its inauguration, the Paseo del Parque remains a landmark in Malaga. It is ideal for its location near the old town and close to key sites like the Port of Malaga, Plaza Marina, the Cathedral of Malaga or the Town Hall. Its large number of enormous subtropical trees gives it great value of exclusivity in Europe. The flora doesn´t stay behind with exotic species; also, if you venture inside, you will discover more than 10 detailed sculptures while enjoying a quiet walk surrounded by nature.

We recommend also, because of its proximity, to visit the beautiful gardens of the Town hall of Malaga known as Jardines Pedro Luis Alonso and Jardines de la Puerta Oscura. Both are situated next to Paseo del Parque.

Jardin Picasso Malaga

To mark the centenary of the birth of Picasso, in 1981 was inaugurated the tranquil Picasso Garden next to one of the main streets of Malaga, in Avenida de Andalucia and within walking distance from the train station in Malaga and the bus station. Inside the garden there are two huge old Ficus trees among many others, a recreational area with a monument to Picasso's style (as you can see in the photo) and many benches to rest from the bustle of the city.

Picasso Garden

Parque del Oeste

The park Parque del Oeste is a large area of over 70,000 square meters, a rectangular enclosure next to the Misericordia Beach, with 3 joined ponds with species of fish and amphibians. In the centre stands an aviary with an interesting variety of birds. At present there are approximately more than 100 animals living in captivity in the park safely and respecting the environment. Also the flora and trees populate the area and in general it seems a fairly nice and recommendable place to walk and enjoy the calm atmosphere. Also this park offers great sporting facilities in the area above.

Parque de Huelin

In the district of Huelin in Malaga city is situated Huelin park inside which there are different lanes to stroll among grass, plants and trees; a pond with a curious little island adorned with a boat, a small terrace with refreshments, a recreational area for the enjoyment of the little ones, an area reserved for sports activities and in the centre of the park stands a beautiful lighthouse visible from anywhere in the enclosure. Furthermore, the area boasts a great location being situated just a few meters from the beach.

Other interesting parks and gardens

If you want to know further options we recommend other places like the Botanical Garden of the University of Malaga and the park Parque del Litoral.