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The Mediterranean diet in gastronomy and restaurants in Malaga

Restaurants in MalagaThe Mediterranean diet is known to consist of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains, bread, fish and especially to mention the famous olive oil that definitely makes a difference with food in other countries. Olive oil contributes largely to decrease bad cholesterol due to its composition of monounsaturated fatty acids. Many studies have corroborated lots of benefits of the Mediterranean diet, in addition to having found high percentages in the decreased risk of several diseases.

The Mediterranean diet in gastronomy and restaurants in Malaga

Typical dishes of the Costa del Sol

In the following restaurants downtown Malaga you can taste all kinds of dishes and especially dishes from the Costa del Sol such as Paella, Seafood, Fried fish, Migas, Sardines, Bienmesabe, Gazpacho, Porra Antequerana etc.

The most recommended restaurants in Malaga

  • Restaurant Gorki / Address: Calle Cortina del Muelle, 1
    Traditional cuisine mingled with gourmet kitchen offering an elaborate and diverse menu.
  • Restaurant El Rescoldo / Address: Calle Bolsa, 7
    This restaurant has good cuisine from Malaga and Andalusia.
  • Restaurant El Trillo / Address: Calle de D. Juan Diaz, 4
    At El Trillo you find Tapas, national dishes, fine wines and a wide range of dishes with cod.
  • Palacio Wok Asian Buffet / Address: Calle Molina Lario, 13
    Delicious Chinese dishes using the wok for all the hot dishes.
  • Restaurant Los Mellizos Malaga / Address: Calle de Sancha de Lara, 7
    Los Mellizos offers the best fried fish in the area and a good selection of seafood. They also have restaurants in Benalmadena and Torremolinos.
  • Meson Lo Güeno / Address: Calle Marin Garcia, 12
    Meat dishes of high quality and the slogan: We make of Tapas an art since 1967.
  • Restaurant La Reserva 12 / Address: Calle Bolsa, 12
    In La Reserva 12 combine the traditional cuisine of Malaga and its own style to offer dishes with personality.
  • Bodega Bar el Pimpi / Address: Calle Granada, 62
    A reference in Malaga, a charismatic place where are served good Tapas and great wines.
  • Greek Restaurant Katogui Agora / Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 14
    If you want the best Greek restaurant in Malaga, this is your place with delicious Greek specialties.
  • Restaurant Tapadaki / Address: Calle Carreteria, 69
    Asian cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine come together in this restaurant.
  • Restaurant El Jardin de Malaga / Address: Calle Cañon, 1
    Situated in an ideal location, next to the gardens of the Cathedral of Malaga, here you can taste traditional dishes from Andalusia.
  • Restaurant Aire Gastrobar / Address: Avenida de Pries, 16
    The chef brings a creative touch to traditional and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Seafood restaurant Casa Vicente / Address: Calle del Comisario, 2
    In Casa Vicente you can enjoy totally fresh seafood and its famous grilled shrimps.
  • La Cueva de 1900 / Address: Calle Martinez, 9
    The restaurant features dishes with personality, with a good selection of meats and a special touch on each plate.
  • Restaurant Come-Pizza / Address: Calle Angel, 2
    If you want to eat a good pizza or pasta dish in Malaga, this is your place.
  • Bodega el Patio / Address: Calle Granada, 39
    The winery is outstanding for its wines that accompany a menu of traditional dishes.
  • Vegetarian Restaurant Cañadu / Address: Plaza de la Merced, 21
    Vegetarian food also has its place in Malaga; here you can enjoy fresh, organic and tasty dishes.

Restaurants in Pier One

Restaurants in Pier OneFurthermore you have the opportunity to eat well in the port of Malaga, specifically in the beautiful area of Pier One. Some of the restaurants there are: Pizzeria O Mamma Mia, Gaucho Grill Parrilla Argentina, Seafood Godoy, 100 Montaditos, the Japanese Restaurant Mikado or the Greek Restaurant Saloniki, among others.