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3 Star Hotels in Malaga

Malaga has many high quality 4 star hotels as you can see on this link, but if you want a more affordable price you will be interested to know our selection of some of the best 3 star hotels in Malaga city.

Rooms Malaga hotels three star

Hotels in Malaga cityThese hotels have been chosen by comparing the assessment and evaluation of users in different pages so you can be sure that in any of the accommodations shown you´ll find quality and trustworthy service. All hotels mentioned have been rated between 80 and 90 scores on 100.

The best 3 star hotels in Malaga city

  • Hotel Zenit Malaga
    Address: Calle Cuba 1-3
    Phone: +34 952 252 000
  • Hotel Villa Guadalupe
    Address: Urbanizacion El Atabal Bandaneira 6
    Phone: +34 952 43 28 62
  • Hotel Picasso Malaga
    Address: Calle Acacias de Guadalmar 153
    Phone: +34 952 176 061
  • Hotel Itaca Malaga
    Address: Calle Fajardo 1-3 (Esquina Compañía)
    Phone: +34 952 606110
  • Hotel Don Curro
    Address: Calle Sancha de Lara 7
    Phone: +34 932 959 908
  • Hotel Venecia
    Address: Alameda Principal 9
    Phone: +34 912 75 74 01
  • Hotel Eurostars Astoria
    Address: Avenida Comandante Benitez Nº 5
    Phone: +34 902 932 424
  • Hotel Malaga Nostrum
    Address: Calle Herman Hesse, No.17 Poligono Industrial Guadalhorce
    Phone: +34 91 275 4915
  • Sercotel Hotel Bahia Malaga
    Address: Calle Somera 8, Centro de Malaga
    Phone: +34 952 22 43 05
  • Hotel del Pintor
    Address: Calle Alamos 27
    Phone: +34 91 275 4915
  • Hotel Atarazanas Malaga Boutique
    Address: Calle Atarazanas 19
    Phone: +34 91 275 4915
  • Posadas de España Malaga
    Address: Calle Graham Bell 4, P.T. A., Campanillas
    Phone: +34 91 275 4915
  • Holiday Inn Express Malaga Airport
    Address: Avenida de Velazquez, 294, close to the Airport
    Phone: +34 952 24 85 00

Some tips to get great prices on accommodation

Some tips to get great prices on accommodationIf you want to find good prices on your search for a hotel in Malaga city we suggest you compare specialized pages on deals such as Trivago or Kayak. There are also available pages like, Edreams or Destinia and finally the websites with discount coupons like Groupon or Groupalia (only Spanish) which temporarily provide attractive discounts.

The official website of the hotel will give you a price without intermediaries which a priori should be cheaper although it is possible to discover best deals from the above pages. Of course we advise to read the conditions and all the extra services offered such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

We also want to remember something you may already know; depending on the dates you want to travel to Malaga there will be higher or lower accommodation prices, being the summer season the most expensive.

Transfers from the airport to the hotel

Private taxis in MalagaOn arrival at Malaga airport you´ll need an adequate service and convenient transportation to get to your hotel; we believe that public transport offers a service that might stay halfway behind regarding comfort; however you have the option of booking a private transfer from the airport and get to your accommodation without queues, waiting or walking.