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All beaches in Malaga

All beaches in MalagaFrom the west to the east, Malaga has fifteen beaches spread over 40 kilometres of coastline, which are: The beach next to the golf course or San Julian, Guadalmar, Sacaba, Misericordia, San Andres, La Malagueta, Baños del Carmen, Pedregalejo, El Palo, El Dedo, El Candado, Peñon del Cuervo, Fabrica de Cemento and last not least La Araña.

From all we have selected the 5 best to offer a more useful guide to beaches, making it easier to choose where to go during the summer:


Guadalmar BeachesBetween the town of Torremolinos and Malaga extends a 400 meters long and 30 meters wide beach next to the golf course El Parador. This beach is covered with dark sand and has two distinct parts, a non-urbanized and protected area which seems to be less busy and the urbanized part that has a boardwalk along the district of Guadalmar.

La Misericordia

La Misericordia BeachesThe extension of La Misericordia is up to a kilometre and it is possibly one of the most complete beaches with a large and beautiful sea promenade, an entertaining two-way bike lane, benches for resting, restaurants or beach bars, bars, cafes and a kiosk, among many other facilities. The dark sand beach is also very wide with stretches of over 30 meters wide.

La Malagueta

Malagueta Beach is one of the best known coastal areas of the city and one of the most frequented. It is located in a prime location near the centre of Malaga and near the port.

La Malagueta Beaches

Similarly to La Misericordia in La Malagueta you´ll find beach bars and restaurants where to take a break and enjoy lunch with delicious dishes from the Costa del Sol. The beach of La Malagueta is large with more than one kilometre length and up to 40 metres wide.

Peñon del Cuervo

Peñon del Cuervo BeachesThe beach of Peñon del Cuervo is located in the very east of Malaga city at about 7 kilometres distance from the centre. The beach is linked with the marina of El Candado by a sea promenade; although the best way of getting there is by car. This coastal area is very wide in the central part where is situated the rock in the form of crow and it narrows on both ends and has a cut off passage due to the rocks. It is not a large beach and we think it is a bit isolated but we find it quite beautiful and worth taken into account.


Pedregalejo Beaches

In the district of Pedregalejo you have at your disposal 1 kilometre of beaches with curious shapes. As you can see in the photo these are coastal areas similar to half-moons with a walkable breakwater in the middle. The beach belongs to Pedregalejo district, which means that it is urbanized, so you will find several bars and restaurants to take the typical dishes of Malaga like paella, fried fish etc.

Other locations with quality beaches

Nerja BeachesBoth Marbella west of Malaga and Nerja on the eastern end of the province are two brilliant municipalities with high quality beaches; in the case of Nerja there are also beautiful coves you'll surely love.