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Visiting Malaga in October – Activities, fairs and other things to do

If you are planning to visit Malaga in October, this article will help you to know in advance what to expect. We are going to talk about what Malaga is like during autumn, what the weather is like and events that take place during this month. Will you join us?

October is a cooler month than September in Malaga, but sunny days still predominate. You can still enjoy the beach and the occasional swim. Read on to find out more about the month of October in Malaga, the weather, recommended clothing and plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

Remember that we can take you wherever you need and whenever you need, just contact us and ask for our transfer in Malaga, it will be a great experience.

Is it advisable to visit Malaga in October?

We are often asked if it is advisable to come in October, either because it is the only month in which you have holidays or because you feel like a getaway to break the routine of everyday life. The answer is yes, October is a good month to come to Malaga and enjoy all that it has to offer.

What is so good about October? The weather is much less hot than in September as we will see below. If we compare it to July or August, it is another world. It’s a perfect month to enjoy nature, visit Malaga’s villages or simply to visit monuments and stroll around the city streets; whereas in other warmer months you tend to spend more time at the pool, the beach or inside a shopping centre.

Weather and temperature in Malaga in October

October is usually about 4ºC lower than September, so it is still a good temperature during the day. At night it can cool down to 15º but during the day it is usually around 24ºC maximum.

Temperature in Malaga in October
Temperatures are gradually dropping in October.

As the month progresses, so do the temperatures, so it is not the same to come at the beginning of October as in the last week. In early October highs can be around 26ºC and lows around 17ºC, while in late October highs can reach 22ºC and lows can be as low as 14ºC in the early morning.

It is not a rainy month, although the average of the last few years tells us that it can rain around 4 days during the month. You are not likely to catch any of those days, but if you happen to come and it is raining, you can rest assured that it won’t last too long; you can always check what to do on a rainy day in Malaga.

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Swimming in the beach in October

Going to the beach in October? Yes, in Malaga you can, as the sun is still shining brightly in the mornings and during the day.

The sea temperature at the beginning of the month is between 19.2ºC and 24.1ºC, in the middle of the month between 16.8ºC and 22.7ºC, at the end of the month between 17.5ºC and 21.1ºC.

Cabopino beach
Cabopino beach near Marbella

Although the feeling at the end of the month may be of cold water, there is nothing to worry about, as you can see the values are still high and will not cause us any problems even if we spend hours swimming.

Recommended clothing

Although October is a sunny and warm month, we must not forget that during the night the temperature may drop or it may even rain on some days.

Remember that you can go to the beach, go swimming, go on hiking routes, take part in activities or fairs, visit monuments, etc…

The final decision is up to the individual, but we consider the following elements necessary:

  • Sun glasses
  • Light clothes
  • Something to keep you warm at night
  • If you have very light skin, you may need sunscreen.

Sunrise and sunset in October

Whether it’s to plan excursions or to find out how late you can be on the beach, it’s useful to know what time the sun rises and sets in October.

In the middle of the month the sun rises at 8:26 am and sets at 7:38 pm, so the length of the day is 11:14 hours. Remember that on 31 October the time is changed, so at 8:41 am, when the sun rises, it will be 7:41 am.

Please note that this time will change throughout the month; on 1 October the length of the day is 11:46 hours and on 31 October it is 10:39 hours.

Regarding transport, we are available 24 hours a day, every day.

Sunset in Malaga
THE experience of a sunset in Malaga.

Recommended activities in October

Each month has its own recommended activities, in this case during the month of October we can recommend physical activities as it is not too hot.

  • Playing golf
  • Hiking
  • Morning jogging
  • Walking
  • Visiting monuments and museums
  • Discovering the gastronomy of our villages

Many of our clients play golf and hire us to take them and all their equipment to the golf course. We do not charge extra for luggage, whether it is suitcases or golf equipment.

If you like nature, a walk in our mountains or a visit to one of the white villages is something you should not miss. You could also visit the Torcal de Antequera or the Caminito del Rey, both highly recommended visits.

beach in Marbella
Running along the seashore in October in Marbella.

Doctors recommend 1 hour of exercise a day. Do you like to exercise? The experience of running along the promenade at sunrise is breathtaking. If you prefer walking, you can choose between walking in the old town or along the seashore at sunset.

Regarding the fairs and events organised each year, it will be necessary to check with the town hall at the time to see if there are any last minute changes due to the current situation of Covid-19.

Fairs in Malaga in October
Fairs during the month of October

Torrox Fair

During the first week of October you can visit the Torrox Fair, a festival in this town where you will find lots of activities and fun for everyone.

The fair lasts 4 days and there is a lot of folklore, tasting of typical products, musical performances and mechanical attractions for children. During the day the festival moves to the Plaza de la Constitución.


Fuengirola Fair

The Fuengirola Fair takes place at the beginning of October, usually the first to second week.

The fair is celebrated in the fairgrounds during the night, although much of the activity takes place in and around the Plaza de la Constitución.

It is a must see event, starting with equestrian shows, live musical performances, children’s parties and of course mechanical rides for children and adults.

When: 6 to 12 in October 2021.


Yunquera Fair

In the Sierra de las Nieves the Feria de Yunquera takes place around the first week of October. During this day a grape treading takes place, during which anyone who wants to can participate in the experience.

The local women start the day praying in the streets and end the morning in the square to have hot chocolate and churros for breakfast. Later in the afternoon there are dances, songs and popular games in the square; there are also tastings, parades, workshops for children and fireworks.

While you are visiting Yunguera we recommend you try its typical food in one of its restaurants or enjoy a good local wine in its bars.


Nerja Fair

During the second week of October comes the Nerja Fair, with performances, activities and of course the popular rides for children and adults.

The well-known Plaza Tutti Frutti and the Calle Antonio Millon take a leading role during the fair with activities from midday onwards. The concerts are held in the fairground’s booth, in the Plaza de España or in the Balcón de Europa.


Ojen Fair

The Ojen fair is a great festival that takes place in the centre of the town during the second week of October. It is an ideal time to enjoy the local gastronomy while you get to know one of its most popular celebrations.

There is a crowning of Fair Queens, concerts, games and many other activities for all audiences, from children to adults. There are mechanical attractions near the main square of the town, where the heart of this popular festival is located.


San Pedro de Alcantara Fair

The San Pedro de Alcántara Fair has been confirmed this year and will take place as it does every year, but in a different way while preserving all its essence.

The focus will be on outdoor activities to avoid contact in enclosed spaces. The El Cielo area is where the mechanical attractions will be located, while the other activities will take place in Plaza de la Iglesia (map) and anfiteatro del Bulevar (map).

In this fair we will find local artists and a lot of culture. Parades and shows for children and many other activities for adults, without a doubt a good opportunity to get to know this festivity.

When: From 15 to 19 October.

Halloween in Malaga

Halloween in Malaga

Technically, this celebration takes place in both October and November, as it starts in the evening of the first month but lasts through the night of the first day of the second month.

Get ready to have a scary time in one of the many municipalities that are holding special activities on this night. From scare parades to decorated streets and of course lots of costumes; children will especially enjoy this day in the province. In the different squares of the municipalities there are usually events to take part in, such as costume parties and other activities.

Many venues offer a special visit during this night, although it tends to vary every year.In the past, the Botanical Garden or the English Cemetery have been adapted to offer night-time visits. Other places offer special deals for children in costume.

If you visit us during Halloween you’re in for a lot of frightfully fun surprises.

When: Night of 31 October.

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