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5 Essential Visits in Nerja

The coastal town of Nerja, located on the eastern Costa del Sol. It combines one of the best climates in Europe with a characteristic charm of white houses of Moorish origin surrounded by beaches and high mountains of the Axarquia.


No wonder Nerja is one of the most attractive tourist destinations; however it has not suffered the same fate as the municipalities of the western Costa del Sol with massive construction.

Because of the special physiognomy of the region where the high mountain slopes reach down to the beach in the form of cliffs, Nature lovers can admire breath-taking scenery and especially practice sports like scuba diving.

Whether you are visiting Nerja for the first time or if you are a regular visitor. You may be interested in visiting some essential places that you should not miss.

Balcon de Europa

1) The landmark of Nerja is undoubtedly the Balcon de Europa. An ancient fortress of the IX century and which is now a viewpoint that, as its name suggests, opens as a balcony over the Mediterranean Sea. It has magnificent views of the coast.
Europe's Balcony

It is located on a cliff and as a curiosity, during the War of Independence, it was totally destroyed by the British along with the Castle of Nerja, although the fortress was not rebuilt.  Its viewpoint separates the beaches of Salón and Calahonda, next to the cliff on which it stands.

Nerja Old Town

2) You almost have to make no effort to get there, just take a walk and enjoy the beautiful historic centre of Nerja, its narrow streets and white facades and go with the flow.
Nerja Historic Centre

On your stroll through the city you may also find interesting ancient religious buildings as Ermita de las Angustias, a beautiful seventeenth century chapel with Granada frescos; or El Salvador Church of the seventeenth century in Baroque-Mudejar style.

The historic centre of Nerja is to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, strolling around without haste. If you have time, sit down somewhere to have a drink while you breathe in the atmosphere.

Acueducto del Aguila

3) If you feel like walking a little more (about 4 km one way) you can stroll to the outskirts where is situated Acueducto del Aguila. It is a nineteenth century aqueduct built to transfer water to the factory in Maro. If you do not feel like walking so far, you can also easily get there by car.
Eagle's Aqueduct

Before proceeding discovering this beautiful town, maybe it’s time for some lunch: The rich Gastronomy of Nerja is known for dishes such as Ajo Blanco (cold almond and garlic soup to cool down in summer), all kinds of fresh fish, Migas, and rich cakes and compote you should try during your stay.

You should not miss the extraordinary Natural Areas of Nerja situated only a few kilometres from the centre of the municipality; so if you like walking, you can enjoy a great seaside stroll through this charming area of great landscape value.

Nerja Caves

4) Very near to Puente del Aguila is situated the Nerja Caves, the so-called “Natural Cathedral of the Costa del Sol” about 200 meters above sea level in Sierra Almijara. The Caves of Nerja are not only famous for its archaeological sites but also for its International Music and Dance Festival that takes place every summer.
Nerja Caves

The Nerja Cave is located about 800 metres from the coast and was discovered in 1959 by a group of young people, who were looking for bats. On entering they discovered human remains and reported this to the authorities. To allow the public to enter, the original entrance, which had been sealed thousands of years ago, had to be located, which is why the inside of the cave was untouched.

Did you know that the largest known stalactite in the world is found in this cave? For this 450,000 years old stalactite, we are just a grain of sand in its history. It is also thought to contain the oldest cave painting in our history, up to 45,000 years old.

You can buy tickets to visit it online, or if you prefer we can take you there:

Cliffs of Maro

5) Finally, about 4 kilometres from Nerja is located the Natural Park of the Cliffs of Maro, with beautiful views, beautiful beaches and a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

The Balcón de Maro is one of the privileged places; the beautiful views to which you have access make it a good starting point to begin to get to know this place. The ruins you will find here were built to defend the coast from pirate attacks during the 16th century.

The best places from which to enjoy the views of the mountains as they jut out into the coast are not accessible by car, so you’ll have to make the journey on foot.Maro Cliffs

You will fall in love with this charming place. Book online your transfer from Malaga airport to Nerja and start planning your perfect holiday.

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