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Calendar of public holidays in Malaga

Public holidays in MalagaIf you think about coming to Malaga, we believe it is important you know about the festivals held throughout the year. These data may be helpful if you would like to join one of the public holidays in Malaga and thus enjoy the traditions and celebrations of the city, discovering their people and culture.

Malaga fair

It is also interesting to know the public holidays in the province because a large number of restaurants, shops and establishments close their doors on the following dates.

List of public holidays in Malaga

January 1: Celebration of New Year´s Day, a national holiday.

January 5: You can enjoy the Cavalcade of the Magi and see a large number of carriages from where are thrown sweets to the children. This event takes place in almost every city and town in Spain.

January 6: Epiphany, a national holiday.

January, February and March: Usually during these three months Carnival is celebrated in Malaga. At these celebrations you can enjoy the chirigotas, humour and satire shows, plus various events typical of the carnival in some theatres or in the centre of the city.

February 28: Day of Andalusia; this festival is celebrated only in the cities and towns of Andalusia.

Holy Thursday and Good Friday: Easter is a national holiday which is not fixed on the calendar but is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring. During Holy Week are conducted numerous processions in all cities and towns in Spain, a religious tradition of Christian origin that draws much attention by the solemnity of each procession and their visual appeal.

Easter in Malaga

May 1: On the first day of May in Spain is celebrated Labour Day.
August 15: Middle of August is celebrated the National Holiday of Assumption.

Malaga Fair: During the second or third week of August takes place the Fair. It is one of the most expected festivals by the locals because of the informal and sociable atmosphere that prevails in the city. In the centre and at the fairgrounds each day and each night congregate the partygoers drinking delicious sweet Malaga wine, eating, dancing and having fun.

August 19: The day of San Ciriaco and Santa Paula, on the feast of the patron saints of the city of Malaga.

September 8: The feast of the Virgen de la Victoria is taking place with a procession with the transfer of the throne or the image of the Virgen de la Victoria to the Shrine of Victoria starting the journey at the Cathedral of Malaga.

October 12: This day is celebrated Columbus Day, a National Holiday of Spain.

October 31: Halloween in Malaga: It is celebrated at night and there are many related activities and things to do in the Halloween's Eve and begining of November.

November 1: All Saints Day; this national holiday of Catholic origin is celebrating on the first day of the month all Saints who don´t have their day during the year. In addition many use to honour the memory of loved ones who died.

December 6: During the 6th the last month of the year is celebrated the remembrance of the referendum on the Spanish Constitution of 1978; a national Holiday.

December 8: This is a national holiday of Christian origin where is celebrated the day of the Immaculate Conception or the celebration of the belief of the pure conception.

Malaga at Christmas

December 25: The celebration of Christmas and the day of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.