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Car hire in Malaga

Car hire Malaga airportOne alternative transportation that will be available during your holiday when arriving at Malaga airport is renting a vehicle. This option ensures you during the time you have hired this service a vehicle to travel freely and without timetables to the places you want to visit in Andalusia.

Beware of companies with incredible prices!

“There are many companies which initially will offer very low and incredible prices on their website but be careful because as you start hiring extras, some of them almost compulsory, and according to data of the driver, the price which seemed cheap could even double.”

Tips to rent a car in Malaga

Occasionally above is further accentuated when to the final price is added the cost of fuel; in this aspect every company has its own policy. Check that the extra price for petrol is not exorbitant and try to fulfil the conditions that are required in relation to the amount of gasoline you have to return when delivering the vehicle in order not to face more unnecessary expenses.

We advise you to read carefully the terms and conditions of the car hire companies that transmit you more confidence and consider the pros and cons of each of these companies because we anticipate you that all have their good and bad points. Sometimes the company that initially gives you a normal or even higher price could be the most reliable and transparent company. Compare carefully; it is worth it as this sector is very competitive.

Disadvantages of renting a car?

Transfers in MalagaThe main downside of this service is that if you really want to enjoy and relax during your vacation, you´d have the disadvantage of having to drive yourself; this potential problem is increased if you don´t know the streets and roads of the cities or towns where you will be on holiday. If you feel that this could be your case we suggest checking out our transfer services in Malaga, which can meet any of your requirements.

Some reputable companies in Malaga

Car hire at Malaga airportResearching and comparing we have achieved a listing with details of the most prestigious and best valued car rental companies at Malaga airport:

Companies operating within the airport

Car rental companies near the airport

Rent a car near the airportPractically most of the companies mentioned are located at Avenida Garcia Morato and as they are not situated inside the airport, we believe they can offer more competitive prices.

  • Malagacar
    Avenida Garcia Morato, 34
    Phone: +34 952 176 225
  • Marbesol
    Avenida Garcia Morato, 50
    Phone: +34 952 234 916
  • Centauro
    Calle de Pascal, 30
    Phone: +34 902 104 103
  • Cargest
    Avenida Garcia Morato, 32
    Phone: +34 952 173 520
  • Tony's Rent a Car
    Avenida Garcia Morato, 50
    Phone: +34 952 236 689

A few more rent a car tips

Rent a car tipsOverall we can recommend to be always documented, with your passport or identity card, valid driving license and credit card instead of a debit card for payment of the cost of the service although many allow other payment paying insurance. Of course begin to compare rental companies in advance as surely you'll find deals no would never find leaving it to the last minute.

Once enjoying your car care at all times to respect traffic rules, speed limits and park in clearly marked locations. In case of a fine, the car rental companies usually charge them when they receive them and you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Finally when they deliver the vehicle, check carefully possible damage to the body or the varnish and report the issue to the company so that when you return the car these defects are not attributed to you.