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Calahonda, a paradise in Motril, Granada – Things to do and Activities

Today we are going to discover a destination especially suitable for the summer season, Calahonda in Motril, province of Granada (not to be confused with Calahonda in Marbella).  The origins of this town revolve around its natural harbour; it is a destination famous for its transparent and deep waters.

Discovering Calahonda

Calahonda in Motril

If you decide to visit Calahonda from Malaga you may be interested in knowing a little more about this small fishing village, just 13 kilometres from Motril. The population of Calahonda grows exponentially during the summer months; there are many who, after visiting Calahonda once, decide to come again.

The main attraction of Calahonda is its beach; with coarse sand and clean water that frames as background of small fishing boats placed in front of the shore, waiting for their fishing work.

If you like to eat fish, seafood and enjoy the beach or scuba diving, we are sure that Calahonda will appeal to you too.


Calahonda has only one beach, but it is more than enough to enjoy the gastronomic offer, the sand and the sea. In winter it is usually quite quiet, although it is still a favourite place for many families, who decide to eat in the area and go for a walk.

The sand is mostly coarse and the cove is the place chosen by many boats to anchor and enjoy a day at the beach.

Places to visit

Calahonda, although a small village in Motril, has several places to visit:

Calahonda viewpoint

Located next to the mooring is the Mirador de Calahonda, a perfect place to enjoy a good sunset from the sea. From this viewpoint you can enjoy wonderful views of the coastline.

Calahonda viewpoint

Near this viewpoint is the Dragon’s Hole, Cueva de la Paloma and Punta del Tajo; there is a rest area with stone seats, pay attention to the little ones as it is next to a cliff.

Children’s playground

Opposite the beach, very close to the eastern boundary of Calahonda, there is a children’s playground for the little ones to enjoy. Nearby, a little further to the east, there is a park with pleasant shade to relax in during the summer.

Church of Carmen

This religious building, built during the 18th century, served as an outlet for the religious concerns of the local population who lived exclusively from fishing.

Farillo de Calahonda

Farillo de Calahonda
Photo from PhotoLanda, for more photos of the tower and the area visit the gallery.

This type of defensive tower is very common along the Andalusian coastline, but on this occasion the ground was not able to support the weight of the tower and it ended up buckling. At present most of the tower is underground.

It has become a monument of Calahonda and can be seen illuminated at night.

Things to do

As well as going to the beach and enjoying the great gastronomy of the area, you can do some of the activities for which this town is famous:

Diving in Calahonda

You can hire scuba diving equipment to enjoy the spectacular seabed.

If you like diving or if you want to learn how to dive, you can do it here:



This town a few kilometres to the east is characterised by the many greenhouses that line the coast of Granada and which can be seen from the plane as you fly over the Mediterranean to land or take off from Malaga airport.

It is a town of modern origin, the result of extensive agriculture and with wide, fairly quiet beaches.

We recommend a visit to the Castillo de Carchuna; a military fortification dating back to 1777 to defend the area from constant pirate attacks. This construction suffered considerably during the war with the French and English; it is of the same type as the one we can find in La Herradura.

Transport in Calahonda

There is a public bus service between Calahonda and Motril; the price is between €1 and €2. The schedule extends approximately between 6:00 am and 20:10.

Destinations that can be reached by bus include:

  • Granada.
  • Granada/Almeria Airport.
  • Torrenueva.
  • Castell de Ferro.
  • Almuñecar.
  • Almería.
  • Madrid.
  • Jaén.

You can check the exact timetable and buy the ticket online at

We can take you from Malaga airport to Calahonda in Motril; we have different vehicles to suit the number of passengers and the needs of our customers. If you feel like discovering this beautiful town in Granada, you can book our transfer from Malaga online without paying in advance.

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