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Discover Istan from Marbella with our transfers

Istan, a captivating Spanish municipality in the province of Málaga, Andalusia, is a destination that’s easily accessible for travellers. Whether you’re arriving from the airport or from Marbella, our convenient transfers ensure a comfortable and swift journey to this charming town. Nestled on the southern slopes of the Sierra de las Nieves, Istán is a treasure trove of history and culture waiting to be explored.

As you wander through its narrow, steep streets, you’ll be transported back in time. The town’s whitewashed houses and remnants of ancient fortresses are a testament to its Andalusian past. Istán’s Phoenician origins are evident in the significant archaeological sites scattered throughout the town.

Istan Road

History of Istan

The history of Istán dates back to the time of Muslim rule, chosen for settlement due to its proximity to Marbella and natural resources, especially freshwater. However, the foundation of the current village goes back to the mid-15th century when Christian troops attacked the Arboto fortress under the command of Saavedra Urdiales. After the Arabs fled, a new fortress was built, around which a series of houses emerged.

In 1568, during the Morisco uprising, Istán stood as a leader of the rebels, and its mountains witnessed fierce battles until the defeat of the Arboto Fortress (Plaza Armas), where they were subdued by the Duke of Arcos and later exiled within the Iberian Peninsula.

Today, Istan is known as the ‘Spring of the Costa del Sol’ and is a paradise to discover, with its rich historical and natural heritage.

Tourist attractions

We invite you to explore the must-visit spots that make Istán a unique destination for travelers seeking both tranquility and adventure. From ancient fortresses to scenic landscapes, Istán offers a diverse range of attractions that promise to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

  1. Old Town: Stroll through the charming streets of the old town, where medieval architecture and narrow alleys transport you back in time.
  2. El Chorro Fountain: Discover this picturesque fountain, a symbol of Istán’s nickname as the “Spring of the Costa del Sol,” where freshwater flows abundantly. (Map)
  3. Church of San Miguel: Visit the Church of San Miguel, a historic religious site with architectural significance, reflecting Istán’s cultural heritage. (Map)
  4. Tourist information centre:

You can add English subtitles to the official video below:

Escalante Tower

The Escalante Tower, also known as Istán Tower and Arab farmhouse, stands as the remains of a defensive tower located in the heart of the Malaga town of Istán. The vaulted enclosure, a semicircular arch, and the courtyard are among the well-preserved elements.

Escalante Tower

While the exact construction date remains unknown, it is believed to have Nazarí origins with subsequent alterations, possibly serving as one of the watchtowers that formed the defense of Marbella from the north. Regarded as the oldest monument in the municipality, the Escalante Tower holds historical significance.

Protected by the generic declaration of the April 22, 1949 decree and the 1985 Law on Spanish Historical Heritage, the Escalante Tower is positioned at the core of the urban nucleus and atop its highest point. Its origins may trace back to being one of the watchtowers defending Marbella from the north, concurrently serving as a tower-farmhouse with a dual purpose: defensive and as a refuge for the locals.


Nature and hiking

The surroundings of Istán offer a haven for nature enthusiasts and hiking aficionados, providing a diverse range of landscapes to explore. Here’s a glimpse into the possibilities for nature and hiking adventures in the vicinity:

  1. Sierra de las Nieves National Park: Venture into the nearby Sierra de las Nieves National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve known for its pristine natural beauty. Hiking trails wind through lush forests, offering glimpses of diverse flora and fauna. The park is a haven for birdwatchers and those seeking breathtaking panoramic views. (Map)
  2. La Concepción Reservoir: The La Concepción Reservoir is not only a scenic spot but also a starting point for various hiking trails. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, the reservoir provides a tranquil setting for nature walks and birdwatching. (Map)
  3. Almond Blossom Route: If you visit during the almond blossom season, don’t miss the Almond Blossom Route. This scenic trail takes you through landscapes adorned with blooming almond trees, creating a captivating natural spectacle.
  4. Molinos River Trail: Explore the Molinos River Trail, a hiking path along a river surrounded by lush vegetation and traditional water mills. The trail offers a serene escape into nature, with the soothing sound of flowing water accompanying your journey. (Map)
  5. Water Interpretation Center : Gain a deeper understanding of Istán’s connection with water at the Water Interpretation Center. Learn about the region’s historical reliance on water, and explore nearby trails that showcase the importance of this natural resource. (Map)

Istan reservoir

Other recommended places to visit:

Whether you’re seeking challenging hikes or peaceful nature walks, Istán and its surroundings cater to a variety of outdoor interests.

Fairs and festivities

Istán, a charming village in the Sierra de las Nieves, celebrates several festivals throughout the year. Here’s a summary of the most notable ones:

  • Carnival: Held in February, featuring parades and lively celebrations.
  • El Paso Representations: Taking place on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.
  • Orange Day: Celebrated on the Saturday before Andalusia Day.
  • Corpus Christi: Marked 60 days after Holy Week.
  • Tomillería and San Miguel Pilgrimage: Occurs on the Sunday before September 29th.
  • San Miguel Fair: Istán’s main fair, held on September 29th and lasting for 3 days. During the fair, the town square becomes the central hub for gatherings and celebrations. Live music, attractions, the sale of typical fair products, and a vibrant atmosphere fill the streets, homes, and clubs throughout the urban center.


Istán’s gastronomy is rich and diverse, reflecting the cultural heritage of the region. Here are some typical dishes you might want to try:

  • Tomato Soup: A traditional soup made with fresh tomatoes.
  • Corn Soup: A nutritious soup crafted from corn.
  • Gazpachuelo: A broth based on fish and mayonnaise, typical of the province of Málaga.
  • Berza: A stew made with vegetables and legumes.
  • Migas: A dish composed of hard bread, garlic, olive oil, and sometimes with bits of chorizo or bacon.
  • Cooked Soups: A traditional dish featuring bread, garlic, bell pepper, tomato, and olive oil.
  • Fried Rabbit: A dish of fried rabbit meat, typical of the region.
  • Roscos de Vino de Alfajor: A typical sweet made with sweet wine and spices.
  • Salmorejo: A cold soup made from tomatoes, bread, olive oil, garlic, and vinegar.
  • Zahínas: A dessert made with flour, fried bread, water, olive oil, and honey.

How to get to Istan

Malaga airport to Marbella

From Malaga Airport to Istán, there are various options:

  • Bus: You can take a bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella and then another bus from Marbella to Istan. The total journey takes approximately 1 hour and 38 minutes.
  • Taxi: A taxi from Malaga Airport to Istán will take around 50 minutes. Price wold be between 80 and 100 euros.
  • Car: If you choose to drive, the journey from Malaga Airport to Istán takes about 50 minutes.

From Marbella to Istán, the options are similar:

  • Bus: Bus services run from Marbella to Istán.
  • Taxi: A taxi from Marbella to Istán takes about 20 minutes and may cost between 24 and 30 euros.
  • Car: If you decide to drive, the journey from Marbella to Istán takes around 20 minutes.

Regarding transfer services, these can be a convenient option, especially if you prefer a more comfortable and direct journey. Private transfer services have the advantage of picking you up and dropping you off at your exact location. Prices vary along the year, but the price for a transfer from Malaga Airport to Istan is around 75 euros from our website at the moment of writting this article.

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